Benjamin Howes

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

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Hi, I’m Ben. I’ve been experimenting in starting tech businesses for over 10 years, had one moderate success which I stepped back from in 2018.

I post here about what I’m working on and learning.

To contact me; follow me on twitter or email “ben@” this domain.

I hope you enjoy!


How I decided to shut down my successful small business

In this post, I’m telling the story of how I decided to walk away from a profitable small company that I started. After making £1M in revenue, I made some of my closest friends redundant, let clients go and wound up operations altogether. Setting the scene The company we’re talking... Read more...




Stalemate is a PR dashboard for your Github organisations. See CI, Reviews and mergability at a glance. Read more...

Zoetrope Labs

Zoetrope Labs was an IoT consultancy which I founded and grew to a team of 7 people. We completed projects for the GSMA, e.on etc. Read more...


Overlock is an IoT debugging product which my team and I created at Zoetrope to address the difficulties of remote debugging IoT. Read more...


Tavern is an HTTP/MQTT integration testing system designed for integration testing API's and IoT systems. Read more...