Tavern is an HTTP/MQTT integration testing system designed for integration testing API’s and IoT systems. It’s based around a clean, simple and reusable yaml syntax, making a big improvement on most other testing frameworks for HTTP.

From the very start, we envisioned adding support for MQTT since for integration testing, many of our HTTP messages should trigger MQTT messages (or vice-versa). Over the course of a few months the adoption both within Zoetrope labs and externally grew a great deal. We have no way to get accurate stats, however we know of several hundred users of Tavern.

I commissioned the project and provided feedback as the project went from a very simple HTTP integration testing system through to a fully fledged system. Over the course of the first 6 months:

  1. I worked with Mike Boulton, the lead developer to evaluate the syntax and provide feedback
  2. Commissioned creation of the documentation and open sourcing of the project
  3. Helped to evaluate new features and make sure they were ready for users
  4. Helped to build a community around the project with responding to github issues, getting a gitter set up
  5. Was involved in spec’ing up the v1.0 release

The project regularly sees input from contributors outside of the original team and we’re working towards continuing to build a community around the project to ensure its long term success.

See the Tavern site for more details