by Rory Sutherland

ISBN: 0753556529
Alchemy cover image

Interesting book, some great ideas, but some not so practical - the one which hits me often as I wash up non-dishwasher safe items is (paraphrased):

A way to ensure that all utensils and crockery you use is dishwasher safe is to just put everything in the dishwasher regardless of it’s stated safeness and the non-suitable items will need replacing. Eventually you will only have dishwasher safe items.

It’s a nice idea, but doesn’t capture the reality that you may well end up with more problems than you started with if your perfectly dishwasher safe items end up covered in flecks of paint/plastic/god-knows-what from something non-dishwasher safe.

I found that other ideas relating more purely to human psychology are more broadly applicable and useful!