Four Thousand Weeks

by Oliver Burkeman

ISBN: 0374159122
Four Thousand Weeks cover image

What I liked about this book:

  1. Really confronting that it’s not simply “me problem” preventing me from meeting all of the commitments on my time - there are just too many things to do
  2. It’s actually very normal to not feel totally in control, and it’s probably best to accept that it probably always will feel that way.
  3. The concept of “Decide in advance what to fail at”

Favourite quote (and undestatement of the century), with relation to the world of today:

“To put things as mildly as possible, it’s hard to remain entirely confident that everything will turn out fine.” - Oliver Burkeman

This book is good for anyone who is interested in getting things done, but ends up feeling like all the efforts to get everything done just never stick and other books which present the cruel optimism of “if you just add this one more productivity hack, you’ll be on top of things”.